Open Fashion Wiki with Tons of Resources

Looking for sources about computer knitting, embroidery and pattern making? Check out the wiki at Martin Schneider offers a lot of resources in his Craftopedia. Portals machine knitting machine embroidery hand knitting braiding beading paper craft Other Mathematical Craft Projects Subversive Craft Projects Genderific Craft Projects Science Craft Projects Nerdy Craft Projects How-Tos Hands-on […]

Electronic Textile Institute: Designer Maker Community in Berlin

I read about the people from the Electronic Textile Institute in Berlin already a while ago. I was excited to have the chance to meet Victoria Pawlik in the space in Berlin Wedding on Saturday together with Andre Rebentisch from the Berlin Startup community. Victoria Pawlik at Electronic Textile Institute ( The group working at […]

Wikis in Open Source Projects

Wikis are great to collect information and they work well, the more active users they actually have. With the growth of Wikipedia the number of people who understand how collaboration works in a Wiki increased dramatically (even though in fact many users of the Wikipedia still do not seem to know, that they can actually edit pages). For […]