I came across an interesting project from Nathan J. Hurst about cross stitching. I have no idea when he published the program, but it looks pretty nice for people who are interested in cross stitching.

The latest version is here: cs-0.9.6.tgz (Works with new PILs; nicer and more icons – Robert Smies)

Cross Stitching Software

Check out this page for a tutorial how to use it as well: njhurst.com/programming/cross-stitch/

Installation instructions:

Install PIL. On Debian this means “apt-get install python-imaging“. The program has no interface or options. Just run it like this:

cd cs-0.9.4/
python xs.py file.png

xFig is recommended for laying out the printer ready form.

About Nathan: “I am a modern day Renaissance man with interests ranging from mathematics, through computer science and the physical sciences through to music and art, how we live in cities, and teaching problem solving. I’m currently living in Seattle, USA” [njhurst.com]