Open Fit Lab by Lisa Kori Chung

Open Fit is a project by Kyle McDonald and Lisa Kori Chung. Open Fit is open source software that investigates several approaches to generating custom tailored pants patterns. Open Fit Lab is an attempt to use this software for on-the-spot generation and creation of custom clothes. Our first Open Fit Lab will be, Fri. June 28, 8-10 @ 1265 Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn. We will be exploring rapid prototyping and sewing of custom fit jeans as performance. By the Book is a traditional pattern drafting technique from a tailoring manual. It generates a trouser that is intended to be altered during the fitting stage. Draft From Center is an attempt to make this process more precise, and generate a fit closer to what is currently sold commercially. We are also exploring ways of modeling and flattening patterns in 3D.

Open Fit Lab Pants Project Lisa Kori Chung

How to use Open Fit for non-coders:

1. Download Processing:

2. Download two additional libraries:
a) You can find toxilibs at and put it in the libraries folder of your Processing sketches.
b) Download controlP5 and do the same.

3. To view our work modeling pants in 3D, you will need the peasycam and modelbuilder libraries. Get Peasycam at, unzip and put the extracted peasycam folder into the libraries folder of your Processing sketches.

4. Go to and look for a link to modelbuiler (0020). Also put it in your libraries folder.

5. The simplest way to grab our code is go to the github repository for Open Fit: Extract and put the zip file you like into your Processing folder.

6. When you open up a sketch in processing you will see two buttons on the top left, Run and Stop. This is how you run and stop the code. Currently, you can change the measurements two ways. You can run the sketch and click on the numberboxes to scroll through possible measurements. The variables at the beginning of the code in Draft from Center and By the Book are the measurements that the code will initially draw the pants from. You can type in new numbers here and re-run the sketch.

Open Fit Lab Measurement Guide Open Fit Lab Measurement Guide


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